Why Bild

Strategic management consulting is a multi-billion dollar global industry with an endless array of choices. Finding a suitable partner can be difficult, so here are the fundamental reasons why Bild Consulting Group might make sense for your organization.

Partners, not Providers

Our clients view us as external members of their leadership system, not merely as service providers for a narrow engagement. We approach every relationship with the posture of a long-term partner, not as a singular transaction that we simply replicate elsewhere.


Agile Consulting Model

Our focus is on solving your most essential challenges, so we only staff experienced senior talent without the overhead of a traditional consultancy.

We design our engagements to create solutions alongside your leaders and teams. If additional lower-level work is needed to round out an engagement, we partner with a curated pool of independent partners, analysts and researchers specifically for that need. This lean approach reduces costs and maximizes the impact of your consulting dollar without compromising the outcomes.

At Bild, we balance strategic perspectives and methodologies with a practical understanding of what works. We don’t load your shelves with academic reports or fill your offices with consultants implementing off-the-shelf solutions. Instead, we partner with you to diagnose your unique needs and develop customized, ready-to-execute solutions that fit your goals and culture.



We are nimble by design.

We have purchased consulting services in the past from all types of providers and have some of the same horror stories that you do. We started Bild with the goal of being trusted partners for our clients, so here are the values that we live by:


Every engagement is customized to fit your needs. No rigid methodologies, timeframes or costs.


Our solutions are fit for purpose and avoid waste, which we know will fuel your growth.


We are not overly academic. We leverage data & research, but we value fit and impact over theoretical concepts and 200 page slide decks.


Sometimes, the baby is ugly. We may have difficult, respectful conversations because we are partners in your success.

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