What We Do

We exist to help organizations bring their future into focus. Everything we do is anchored to helping you create the coherent organization that you must become in order to achieve and sustain your vision.

We partner with our clients to achieve their vision by using the Dynamic Alignment Model™, our proprietary agile consulting framework.


The heart of our model is YOUR VISION.

  • This is not your mission statement or your core values.
  • Not board room posters with platitudes and generic greeting card sentiments.
  • We always start with a deep and clear understanding of your organization's true aspirations.
  • We partner with you to help clarify that vision and move you confidently in that direction.
Dynamic Alignment Model

The agile and dynamic portion of our model involves your PRODUCTS, PROCESSES, and PEOPLE.

In our experience, many leaders treat key elements of their organizations as if they are relatively static. However, things like brands, business models, strategies, operating models and competitive landscapes are almost always dynamic. Therefore, static management practices and annual planning cycles fall somewhere between risky and reckless. Growing enterprises in dynamic environments benefit from an independent agile partner to align investments that catalyze growth and limit risk.

The “how” in our model focuses on FINDING THE BEST PATH to your vision.

Every consulting firm, including us, has a standard methodology for executing its work. It is an important tool to produce quality outcomes. However, most firms lead with a rigidly defined process and force any engagement into the parameters of the pre-defined solution.

At Bild, we deliberately spend more time partnering on a thorough and holistic diagnosis to make sure we are focusing on the right opportunity or challenge. We do not unload busloads of recent MBAs to deliver what you don’t need, so our level of involvement generally declines over time as your team partners with us on the design and delivery of changes. This is a cost effective use of precious consulting dollars for growing organizations.

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