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bild means sight in German. 

It is a fact that today's work environments are increasingly volatile and complex. 

This landscape demands laser focus from leaders, requiring energy to be spent on key 

tasks like defining impactful strategies, finding new capital and managing the board. 

The downside of this demand for focus is that the edges can become blurry. 

And nobody on your leadership team is incented to point out the gaps. ​​

The bild consulting group is designed to enhance the sight that leaders have into their own organizations. We help ensure alignment, fit and connection throughout your entire organizational system. After all, you cannot solve problems that you don't know exist. 

We operate with a small footprint, but we bring sight, clarity and value to our clients. 

Jeff Jones is bild's founder and president.

Jeff has spent 20+ years as a leader for organizations across multiple industries and domains. This breadth of experience shaped his perspective on the need for diverse thinking and the value of broad perspectives for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

"I have seen too many leaders design very elegant solutions to the wrong problems.

At bild, our goal is to help our clients diagnose and solve the right problems." 

What We Do

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